Aquadecor is the only manufacturer of flexible dyed 3D backgrounds for aquariums and terrariums. The range covers all imaginable biotopes and each is unique in quality and with a lifelike look that beats Mother Nature itself. The durability is unsurpassed and therefore a 25 year guarantee on form and colors is provided. No other 3D product can live up to this.
3D backgrounds are excellent for creating a perfect biotope and thus the best possible well-being for your fish. At the same time, you can utilize the space behind the filtering background. It provides a silent and vibration-free environment close to the aquarium and therefore makes this solution ideal for use as a living room aquarium.
The backgrounds are always customized to the size and customized for your aquarium and you have special wishes regarding filter function placement, these are also met! The backdrops are therefore always a "get-away" product that will only be produced once you have decided on the final solution. This gives a production time which with transport across Europe and customs clearance, will be 4 weeks. Pay attention to that!
Despite this, AquaDecor's 3D wallpapers are affordable in terms of high quality and durability. We always have a few pieces installed in our aquariums, so feel free to take a look.
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