After recent years of expeditions in the Amazon, conferences and discus shows around Europe, my personal relationship with Heiko Bleher has developed into a warm and respectful friendship. Most recently in November 2019, I had the pleasure of being invited to his 75th birthday and in the autumn of 2021, it is tentatively planned that we will set off on another great expedition together, up the River Apaporis in Venezuela. This time in the hunt for green discus, as rumor tells should be a population of here.
Heiko is an inexhaustible source of knowledge and a pure encyclopedia to be with and despite his relatively old age, he does not shy away from both great challenges and physically demanding balance art in even the toughest stream. If the discus is the king of the aquarium, then Heiko Bleher is the king of the discus. No one in the world knows as much about discus and has written so much about this magnificent fish as Heiko Bleher. Several of our articles contain information provided by Heiko Bleher and images from expeditions you will not find anywhere else.

The articles are free and available to you when you need to know more about being an aquarist and team of especially soft-water fish and in particular Discus. The articles are in pdf format and can be saved on your mobile or PC, so they are at hand when you are not online.
We are constantly revising and posting new exciting features - upcoming article is about Feed!

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