The technique around your aquarium should work optimally.
For beginners who want to keep commonly known and easy fish, there are a myriad of sensible solutions for filtration, lighting and water care. For those nerdy aquarists who want to keep wild or difficult species, with special requirements, the challenge of the technique is often a big part of the hobby, as the pleasure of experiencing the fish thrives in a closed circuit in perfect balance.

Since we in Aquawildlife keep a lot of fish in relatively little space, our challenges are of a different nature than most aquarists experience. But, in turn, it allows us to test and test ideas and new products and thereby gain experience that can benefit our customers.
You will therefore find well-known and proven products, both cheap and expensive, as well as new products that we have developed for special purposes. Both for beginners and nerds!

Glass Filter M36
161,03 EUR
TDS Aquameter
16,00 EUR
Easy Clean
24,06 EUR
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