Mendel's heritability theory uses the F1 designation of the first litter of a pair of wild parents (F0). Cultured fish refers to fish reared in captivity. The offspring of cultured fish will therefore, in anyone's eyes, be eligible for the designation F1. 60 years of breeding of discus in Europe has resulted in several breeders believing that they have bred discus in no need for soft, acidic water and 75% vegetable feed. The concept of cultured fish is therefore perceived as fish that can live in hard tap water and eat beef heart. When the same breeders also use the F (x) designation, it brings more confusion than it benefits.

Aquawildlife has on this basis decided to call the progeny of wild parents WF1 (Wild First). We do this because the offspring has not changed genetics and must continue to be kept, as were thye wild-caught fish.

This is not to say that the fish cannot get used to less acidic and harder water than their parents. Of course they can! Some exporters even claim that wild fish can get used to European postal waters and that they can document this. We cannot confirm the claim, but can state that we keep both wild and WF1 in pH 6 and um / S 250. You should also do this if you want to see the full color of the fish and experience their natural behavior in captivity.
Curuai-Gauriba VF1, 14cm
174,60 EUR
Curuai-Gauriba VF1, 18cm
214,93 EUR
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