AquaWildLife Aps imports wild discus directly from HEK Brazil v / Hudson Crizanto Gonçalves. We do this because we know HEK Brazil and Hudson to strive to deliver the absolute finest and strongest fish. At the same time, Hudson Crizanto Gonçalves is very proven not to help overfishing small populations and makes great efforts to educate local Indians in selective and sustainable capture. Newly caught fish are quarantined for several months before being offered for sale. During this period, the fish are accustomed to known feed products from DiscusFood, among other things, and are treated for worms and parasites.
To read more about the discus path from the Amazon to your aquarium, find an article "Discus Behavior" under "Reading Material".
We aim to have all 3 wild species of discus in our aquariums! But if you are looking for something specific, please contact us, as co-import is always an option!
Want to know more about the species Heckel Symphysodon discus, Green Discus Symphysodon aequifasciatus and Blue and Brown Discus Symphysodon haraldi, you will also find an article on this topic under "Reading material!

CUMINA Super Blue
241,80 EUR
CUMINA Super Blue
210,80 EUR
Unini Blue Face
250,00 EUR
Nhamundu Royal Blue
398,00 EUR
Paunini BlueFace Heckel
1.343,81 EUR
Coari Green
214,93 EUR
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