American SEACHEM is among the largest manufacturers of feed, technology and water care products for aquarium use and has a large and specialized range of products that cover all conceivable and unimaginable needs and issues. Particularly well known is SEACHEM for PRIME, a product that can neutralize ammonia, nitrite and nitrate here and now.
For soft water aquarists, SEACHEM has a range of acid and buffer regulating products that make it easy to create stable optimal conditions without fear of pH drop! Garlic Guard and Discus TRACE are other of SEACHEM's brands that have made a name for themselves in discus circles around the world. You will find the best here because AquaWildLife Aps is Seachem's Scandinavian distributor.
15,86 EUR
Stability ™
17,20 EUR
Acid Buffer ™
26,54 EUR
Neutral Regulator®
15,86 EUR
13,06 EUR
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