Aquawildlife only sells the best qualities of feed on the grounds that the well-being of our fish should come before the desire to save pocket money and risk a reduced immune system, poor growth and dissatisfaction ! Ultimately, contagious illness can become a costly affair, both in terms of medical expenses and loss of fish. The feed types you find with us, we use even in the daily hold of our many fish and we can fully guarantee the high quality of both frozen, freeze-dried and the many dry products.
Discusfood UG from Germany has in recent years established their name as a recognized feed producer with a large range of different types of feed of very high quality. It is not only feed for discus, as the name otherwise suggests, but feed for all species. Dirk Schlingmann, renowned German breeder has contributed his knowledge of fish needs and this has resulted in several beef heart-based products without collagen and hemoglobin. These include a sinking flake feed, dried and enriched artemia, a soft-sinking granule and a long-lasting pasta feed. All types are manufactured in several variants to suit different needs. Product properties that have long been in demand, but none have been able to manufacture.
In addition, the large range includes both green foods for vegetarian species, special feed for predatores like Arowana's and scalars, 

Aqua Wildlife Aps is the Direct Partner for Discusfood UG and thus their Danish representative and wholesaler. We are therefore always first with the latest news and have access to the complete program of foods. Aquawildlife Aps is a registered feed wholesaler and marking officer in accordance with Danish legislation and the Danish Food Agency for import of any fishfoods and feed supplements.

You will find DISCUSFOOD's many feed products, DISCUS PROTECTOR, Water care products and filters in the respective submenus!

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