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    DISCUS Flakes

    Large rolled flakes that roll together into worm-like "sausages" if dropped below the surface of the water. Trigger even picky fish with its content of fresh fish, shrimp and garlic. A quality product where there is a great deal of work in a combination of pure natural ingredients with the addition of both C and D vitamins, which makes this feed something close to a complete feed for both carnivorous carnivores Apistogramma and Bettas, as well as omnivorous fish such as discus and tetras.
    Fresh fish 35%, Shrimp 20%, Garlic 2%, Wheat flour 15%, Vegetable protein concentrate 20%
    Tar yeast 12%, Zeolite 2.3%, Fish oil 2.3%, Multivitamin 0.5%, Lectin 1.5%

    Protein 52%, Fat 7%, Fiber 2%, Solids 8%
    NaCl% 0.6, Calcium 0.5%, Phosphorus 0.35 - 0.45%, Sodium 0.25 - 0.35%
    Manganese mg / kg 45, Zinc mg / kg 75

    A IU / kg 45,000, D3 UI / kg 1500, B2 mg / kg 6, B12 mg / kg 8.1mg, E 200mg / kg, K3 9mg / kg, Vitamin C ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate 300mg / kg
    Energy kcal / kg 3260

    Available in 4 pack sizes: 250ml / 30gr - 500ml / 60gr - 1000ml / 120gr and 3000ml / 300gr

    Keep dry and cool.
    Shelf life up to 36 months See packaging on purchase
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