Black Peat Pearls

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Black Peat Pearls 1000ml

The new black peat pearl granulate is a natural cation exchanger made from selected black peat. Discusfood guarantees safe use in aquariums. The peat products from Discusfood are only cut from large forest areas far from the city and industry in Germany.
When you filter over Black Peat Pearls, the carbonate hardness and pH drop. This influence significantly reduces the number of bacteria. Your fish's muscus - the mucus layer that protects the fish from bacterial attacks is significantly strengthened. In step with the reduction of carbonates, the gill function of the fish and oxygen uptake will increase. This will lower the stress level and you will start to experience well-being and splendor of color that is not seen in ordinary tap water!
The bactericidal function helps prevent fungus on small chambers and freshly laid eggs.
The natural humic acids in Black Peat Perls provide a light blackwater effect. If you do not want this, it may be advisable to choose White Peat Perls instead.

Application advice:
In principle, it is not possible to filter with too much and conversely, 1000ml Black Peat Pearls will not stretch to an aquarium of 500 liters. As a starting point, the water values ​​of your tap water will show the need and as it varies from region to region, an indication of filter volume will depend on these factors.
A guiding finger would be 4 liters of Black Peat Pearls to 500 liters of water.
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