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HIGH Quality Zeolite, 1000ml

Zeolites are used for many technical purposes, especially because their ability to absorb and release ions can be useful. In principle, they act as molecular sieves, which can separate unwanted substances such as. oil pollution, lime, ocher and nitrate from water.
This is exactly the last ability to remove nitrate that we aquarists can utilize! The vast majority of subtropical softwater fish live a life completely without nitrate. It is well known that nitrate affects humans and our drinking water therefore has a maximum allowable limit of 50mg per liter. However, there are very many aquarium fish that do not tolerate such high concentrations of nitrate.

If you add Zeolite to your filter function, the nitrate will be bound in the zeolite. Once the zeolite is saturated, it can be regenerated with common table salt in a bucket of water. Let the zeolite stand in 10 liters of water with approx. 1 kg of salt added for 1 day and preferably with air flow, so that there is movement in the water. The zeolite is then rinsed and is ready for use again.

If you use Zeolite in your filter, it is very important to remember NOT to run a salt cure, as the bound nitrate will be released immediately and you risk your fish dying.

PS: At present the product is not delivered as shown in a bag, but in a plastic bucket.
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