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This product from RW Zone is a combination of minerals and trace elements made from the purest available minerals and salts. DISCUS MINERALS should always be used for tropical freshwater fish from softwater biotopes if you use osmosis or rainwater.
Special mention should be made of Discus, Neonfish, Red-nosed, Apistogramma species such as butterfly cichlids and larger cichlids such as Red Oscar and Altum scalars. The carefully measured composition of DISCUS MINERALS fully matches the missing trace elements and organic substances in osmosis, rainwater and soft tap water. If your aquarium water and feed are in general lack of vital minerals, the fish will thrive, develop hollow disease and eventually die, the fry will deform and the aquarium will be significantly more susceptible to fungi, fungus and bacterial attacks.
Therefore, it is important to be aware of these conditions and add a controlled amount of minerals at the same time as changing water.
However, DISCUS MINERALS is also perfect for you who like the colorful African sea cichlids from Malawi and Tanganyika and show your tap water is too soft and mineral-poor to hold these special cichlids. With DISCUS MINERALS you have the opportunity for full control of raising the carbonate content and thus balance the pH at the desired 8.5!


Stabilizes and buffers the pH in soft water, as it is not pH neutral
Increases fertility, metabolism and well-being
Prevents fungus and fungus on muscles and eggs
Improve growth and growth on fry and juveniles
Prevents damage to the fin tips and gill slats
Transforms mineral-poor water into a healthy aquarium environment
Easy to use and dose for both soft and hard water
A desiccant and dosing cup are included.

Dosage is indicative:
350gr DISCUS MINERALS can demineralize more than 3500 liters of osmosis water and 7000 liters of rainwater.
10gr per 100 liters of osmosis water will increase the pH by 1 and the total hardness (gH) by 3, as well as the conductivity uS / cm by about 150.
For example, mix 10gr in a ½ liter of water while stirring before adding to your rain or osmosis water and let the water stand for 24 hours. Then measure and note the pH and conductivity. If necessary, adjust the values ​​and wait another 1 day before using it. You can adjust the pH in the downward direction with Oak Acids
For the African biotope aquarium, you may need to anticipate a consumption that is slightly higher.

Good advice: Store dry and with the lid screwed on to avoid lumping and degradation of the minerals.

PS: The product is also available in 900gr
If you want to know more about the pH, gH and kH relations, we have a schematic article which tells about the connections! CLICK HERE
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