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PRICE Discus Minerals 1000gr

German Preis-Aquaristik was the first on the market with a product for mineralization of aquarium water, osmosis water and HMA water and therefore many aquarists swear by the experience that for decades has laid the foundation for the companies' success in water care for both fresh and salt water. . PREIS Discus Minerals is a special combination of minerals and trace elements of the purest salts for the very special living conditions that aquarists have experienced that the discus provides to thrive optimally. Preis-Discus-Minerals does not contain NaCl sodium chloride better known as table salt, as there are no known benefits in soft water. The conductivity would increase uncontrollably and KH would increase in a ratio of 1: 4 compared to the total hardness (gH).

The use of PREIS Discus Minerals for soft water has several benefits:
Breeding behavior is stimulated
Fungal infections on both the musk and eggs are prevented.
 Young fish grow up faster.
Deformity of the gill cover, tail and fins is counteracted in fry.
contains only the best and purest minerals
dissolves rapidly and becomes osmotically emollient
mineralizes and matures the water in the ratio KH / GH 1: 4

PREIS Discus Minerals is also used by many aquarists who keep Malawi and Tanganyika cichlids because it supports and stabilizes the pH in the range 8.5> 9.5, which is the range where these beautiful African sea cichlids thrive best.

Indicative dosage suggestions:
For Osmosis and soft water:
15gr Price-Discus-Minerals per 100 liters

For tap water soft up to 5 ° dH:
10gr Preis-Discus minerals per. 100 liters

For Rooster 6-10 ° dH:
for 100 liters of water 5gr Preis-Diskus minerals

To Malawi-Tanganyika cichlids:
Depending on the hardness of the tap water, up to 150 ml per 100 liters.

Store dry.
Dosing cup included.
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