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DISCUS NATURAL Granules 125gr

Super soft, sinking granules without dyes. Made cold extruded so that the nutritional value is preserved.
A strong choice of feed for discus and all species of aquarium fish in the form of rapidly sinking soft granules. The granulate is distinguished by a very high fat content and does NOT contain dyes at all. Hence the name "Natural"! This means that this feed is especially distinguished by being able to be used for cultured fish of the albino type white, yellow and solid blue, without influencing the fish's color appearance.
A high fat content reduces ammonia and nitrite emissions and ensures rapid growth in fry and young fish.
One of the few products on the market with B-complex and K vitamins!

Fresh fish, grains, vegetables, dry yeast, oils and fats.
Nutritional composition:
Protein 57%, fat 15%, fiber 0.4%, dry matter 11%
Analytical content:
Vitamins / kg: Vitamin A 210,000 IU, D3 1800 IU, E 500 mg, (as alpha-tocopherol acetate), B1 20 mg, B2 50 mg, B6 20 mg, B12 100 micrograms, K3 40 mg, Vitamin C 500 mg , Folic acid 4 mg, Ca-D pantothenate 100 mg, Biotin 50 mcg, Choline chloride 500 mg
Trace elements:
calcium iodate, anhydrous (E2) 3 mg, copper sulphate pentahydrate (E4) 10 mg, manganese sulphate monohydrate (E5) 12 mg, zinc sulphate monohydrate (E6) 70 mg, sodium selenite (E8) 0.2 mg, Antioxidants 100 mg
Feeding advice:
A feed must become aging main feed. Aim for the greatest possible variety in your daily feeding.
Feed 2-3 times a day. Fry and juveniles should be fed 4-5 times. Adjust the amount of feed to prevent feed from being eaten. Remove any feed residue.
Dry food should always be stored dry, airtight, dark and preferably cool. Always remember to screw the lid on!
Not for human consumption.
Shelf life: See packaging

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