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ENERGY FLAKES 250ml - 35gr

Complete high energy flakes for all omnivorous tropical fish. Flags high in vitamins, amino acids and minerals help produce vibrant colors and healthy growth, increasing fish activity and well-being.
The feed consists of a very varied amount of ingredients, the most important are:

fresh fish, shrimp, squid, krill, crustaceans, molluscs, cornmeal, vegetable proteins, garlic, dried yeast, algae, oils and fats, lecithin, iron oxide, vegetables, spirulina and zeolites.
Analytical content:
Protein 55%, Crude fat 5%, fiber 2%, dry matter 7%, moisture 7%, calcium% 0.4, phosphorus% 0.45, Sodium 0.25, Manganese mg / kg 45, Zinc mg / kg 75, Vitamins A 1500 UI / kg, D3 100 mg / kg, E 400 mg / kg vitamin C.

Feeding advice:
A feed must become aging main feed. Aim for the greatest possible variety in your daily feeding.
Feed 2-3 times a day. Fry and juveniles should be fed 4-5 times. Adjust the amount of feed to prevent feed from being eaten. Remove any feed residue.
Dry food should always be stored dry, airtight, dark and preferably cool. Always remember to screw the lid on!
Not for human consumption.
Shelf life: See packaging
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