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DISCUS PROTECTOR, 160gr / 10lt
Discus Protector prevents the risk of infection with or from newly purchased fish. The product works best with discus and other larger freshwater ornamental fish. In every habitat, or aquarium, there are a variety of bacteria of different species. Fish from various aquariums, farms and ponds are adapted to the pathogenic bacteria present. Mixing of fish can therefore cause a so-called "bacterial intolerance" or cross contamination. In discus or koi facilities, the entire population often becomes ill. Complex and expensive medical treatments are often the result. Provided proper use, the Discus Protector prevents the spread of bacterial diseases for approx. 95% of all cases. Your fish will be protected.
Discus Protector is a carefully balanced blend of high quality antibacterial agents embedded in natural carriers. Dissolve the entire contents of a container containing 10 or 30 liters of aquarium water. The newly arrived fish must be bathed BEFORE they come into contact with the old fish stock. Discus Protector works preventively before an illness occurs.
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