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FULVIC ACIDS  500ml - the miracle of the Amazons

The indispensable water care agent that is part of the build-up of all living life and which is an essential and major component of aquatic life in which our tropical ornamental fish live.
All the tropical rainforest fish live in water with a very high content of fulvic acids,humin, tannins, flavoids, organic minerals and trace elements from the composting of the huge amounts of leaves that fall from the trees. In the rivers that pass through the rainforest where it is closest, the water can be completely brownish and the visibility is less than half a meter. Over millions of years, fish have adapted to these extreme conditions and their survival is entirely dependent on the presence of these substances. Since these substances are no longer found in our tap- and wellwater in sufficient quantities, due to heavy agriculture havesting, you can ensure the well-being of your fish by adding this high extract extracted for the purpose.
  • carrier of minerals and vitamins
  • carrier of antioxidants
  • carrier of trace elements
  • binds and breaks down pesticides
  • binds and breaks down herbicides
  • binds and breaks down heavy metals
  • binds and breaks down free radicals
  • strengthens fertility and egg laying
  • strengthens the immune system
  • strengthens internal and external mucous membranes.
  • strengthens wound healing
  • strengthens nutrient uptake and combustion
  • inhibits unwanted bacteria
  • inhibits parasites
  • inhibits anaerobic bacterial activity
  • inhibits fungus and fungi
  • inhibits buildup of biofilm
  • participates in photosynthesis in plant cells
  • carrier of nitrogen for plants
  • acts as buffer in soft water
  • participates in the carbonate balance

Fulvic Acids is extracted directly from spring water through a patented technology and is therefore 100% pure and directly applicable as a feed supplement with freeze-dried products, but also as an additive in the blending of blended frozen products and homemade feed types.

Fulvic Acids is a high concentration of humic substances derived from spring water and the only human product on the market that contains a large proportion of fulvic acids and is totally soluble in water with a pH below 7. Other humic acid products cannot normally be dissolved in neutral to acidic water.
Only 1.0 ml per 100 liters of aquarium water should be added weekly for efficacy. Freeze-dried feed products, such as Black Worms, Tubifix, mosquito larvae and dapnies, can absorb fulvic acids in an aqueous solution 1:50 and be given directly to the fish.
To learn more about why Fulvic Acids is vital to all living life, read our article: "Why Fulvic Acids?"

Aquawildlife Aps is  manufacturer and sole distributor and all rights to the product and brand are the property of the company.
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