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Artemia de Lux 520ml

Artemia is a well-known and widely used feed for all kinds of ornamental fish. Freeze-drying of aquatic insects retains up to 98% of their nutritional value. Since brine shrimp have a high and versatile nutritional profile, it is some of the best natural feed you can give your fish. However, you should be aware that even if your fish will certainly swallow the feed, brine shrimp lacks the vital vitamins C and D. Therefore, it must never become a main feed without ensuring a significant supplement of these vitamins in some other way.

You can do this with aqueous supplements such as ProMore, Garlic Guard, Aqua Vitae, Fulvic Acids and Aqua-Kraut, as the feed quickly absorbs moisture. Artemia de Lux is therefore also very suitable for water-soluble medicines that work best internally. The high fiber content helps to ensure a well-functioning stomach and intestines.
Artemia de Lux is 100% germ-free. Selected from the best manufacturers, controlled and packaged by Aquawildlife Aps.

Ingredients: Freeze-dried brine shrimp
Analytical content:
Protein 58% Carbohydrate 12% Fat 9% Fiber 21%
Feeding advice specifically: Although the vast majority of omnivorous fish do throw themselves over Artemia de Lux, it must never become a main feed and you must remember at the same time to ensure a vitamin supplement of both vitamins C and D. Adult fish should be fed moderately. This means that Artemia de Lux should not make up much more than a maximum of 25% of your weekly feeding plan. Products such as ProMore, GarlicGuard, Aqua Kraut and Fulvic Acids dissolved in demineralized water and used with freeze-dried Artemia de Lux are an ultimate superfood for young fish and a strong alternative when adult fish need to strengthen their immune system during or after illness.

Feeding advice in general:
A single specific feed, regardless of type, must never be the only thing you feed with. Aim for the greatest possible variety in your daily feeding. Feed 2-3 times a day. Fry and juveniles should be fed 4-5 times. Adjust the amount of feed to prevent feed from being eaten. Remove any feed residue.
Dry food should always be stored dry, airtight, dark and preferably cool. Always remember to screw the lid on!
Shelf life: See packaging
Not suitable for human consumption.
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