Catappa Ketapang

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Catappa Ketapang - almond leaves 20 pcs

Dried Indian leaves from Terminalia Catappa, better known as the Almond Tree are well known for use in treat of ornamental fish and shrimps. The almond leaves add humic substances, tannins and flavoids to the aquarium. The release of these substances takes place during the bacterial degradation of the leaves and contributes to a slightly lower pH acidity, as well as binds heavy metals and gives a lighter brownish color.
The leaves have been used by aquarists since the 1950s and are widely recognized for their positive effect on algae and unwanted bacteria.
The leaves are decorative on the bottom of the aquarium, where they also hide bottom-dwelling fish such as the Corydoras species. Several vegetarian species and shrimp also like to eat the leaves.
You get a total of 20 leaves up to 10 cm in size. The right size to create a natural and decorative effect, which at the same time allows larger cichlids such as the discus to push the leaves away in search of food.

- adds tannins
- supplies human substances
- inhibits bacterial growth
- inhibits fungus
- lowers the pH
- gives a Blackwater effect
- binds heavy metals
- seems decorative
- adds detrius
- reduces stress

1 leaf per 15 liters of water or as needed.
Can be cooked briefly if browning is undesirable.
Leaf remnants can be removed when only the stalk is left
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