Glass Filter M36

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Glass Filter M36

M36 The glass filter is an upgrade of the well-known sand filter, but due to its biomechanical function, the structure and size of the filter glass and the significantly larger filter area, the glass filter works with a much higher efficiency and the result is crystal clear aquarium water without nitrate. After running the aquarium with the formation of biofilm, the filter simultaneously has an increased disinfecting effect, compared to other filter types.
A single M36 Glass Filter can maintain the nitrification process in aquariums up to 600L. A flow rate of just 300 liters per hour is sufficient to ensure optimal biological function. In addition to your existing filtering methods, the M36 Glass Filter will significantly increase the total volume of water in terms of number of fish and feed quantity.
The M36 Glass Filter contains 3.6 liters of filter glass with a total area of ​​36m2 - that is almost 15 x as much as, for example, K1 Kaldnes bio balls with total volume.

The spherical shape of the sintered glass contributes to the large surface area, as well as a substantially smoother and better flow. It is illustrated by the sketch above.
In addition, the special feature of the M36 Glass Filter is that the intake nozzle is equipped with a gap width of 0.7 mm above and below the filter material. This allows the water pressure to lift the filter contents unhindered and flow through it at full volume.
If the M36 Glass Filter is to perform its function optimally, it should be installed in bypass. See drawing. An installation directly in the main stream before an external filter is not optimal and will require more maintenance! If the M36 Glass Filter is installed, in addition to background filtration, the powerhead should be placed in the last chamber after the filter water. It is not recommended to install the M36 Glass Filter as a pre-filter in front of, for example, a nitrate filter, as these types of filters have different needs for volume flow.

The advantages of the M36 Glass Filter are obvious:

The filter area is 15 x larger according to Kalnes K1 and most other filter types

The M36 is easy and quick to clean in lukewarm water and is fully effective immediately after

M36 set up in background filters, can be operated with a powerhead of 5-7Watt / hour

The M36 is economically advantageous in terms of price / performance

The M36 is only 15 x 46 cm and can stand under most aquariums

The M36 is silent with the use of a powerhead pump

The M36 comes with Gardena quick-release connector

The M36 comes with 3.6 kg of sintered glass. Lifetime of at least 10 years.
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