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Neutral Regulator® 250gr

Neutral Regulator® adjusts the pH to neutral (pH 7.0) from either a lower or higher pH and maintains it there. At the same time, the Neutral Regulator® softens the water by precipitating calcium and magnesium, while removing chlorine, chloramine and ammonia. Use of Neutral Regulator® makes other conditioning unnecessary. To lower the pH below 7.0, use Neutral Regulator® with Acid Regulator ™ or Discus Buffer®. These products will improve and stabilize your freshwater aquarium environment.
For further enhancements you should use Fulvic Acids, Amazon Tonic and AquaKraut

Instructions for use
Neutral Regulator® is used to adjust the pH to neutral. To target a specific pH value, you can use Acid Regulator® in combination with Discus Buffer® according to the diagram.

This diagram is based on the use of unbuffered water (RO, DI or osmosis). If the water is already buffet and thus carbonated, you should use the chart as a starting guide.

Explanation of diagram: 1 part Neutral Regulator® to 3 parts Discus Buffer® gives pH 6.2
1 1 6.8
1 2 6.4
1 3 6.2
1 4 6.1
1 6 6.0
1 9 5.8

Contains phosphate buffers and stabilizers. Is safe to use for all ornamental fish that live in soft acidic water !.

Neutral Regulator® contains phosphate buffers and conditioners. Safe in use for all freshwater fish acclimatized to neutral water with a pH in the range 6.5> 7.5
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