Precision 5in1 Aqua Test

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Precision 5in1 Aqua Test

American Precision Labs manufactures some of the most accurate and recognized test strips on the market. The 5in1 Aqua Test is no exception. Highest quality and safest result delivered in 2-3 seconds. Easy and simple and to be trusted, not every time, but every single time.

You do not need to invest in expensive electronic equipment or laboratory tests, because the 5in1 Aqua Test will in the vast majority of cases be able to contribute with an exact and precise knowledge of your fish's aquatic environment, its condition and thereby give you a full and complete basis for a decision on any future changes.

Precision 5in1 Aqua Test benefits:
The pH can be read within +/- 0.2 in the range from 6.4> 8.4.
The conductivity is expressed in both gH total hardness and kH carbonate hardness.
Nitrite NO2 up to 25mg / liter
Nitrate NO3 up to 500mg / liter

Contains 50 strips
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