TDS Aquameter

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TDS Aquameter

Our TDS Aquameter is of really good quality with high accuracy and built-in temperature compensation.
It turns off automatically after 10 minutes and the LCD monitor provides long battery life.
Test measurement only takes 2 seconds and the electrodes are easy to clean.
Titanium alloy material around the electrode reduces the magnetic disturbances in the water!
Wide test range up to 9999ppm
Precision: +/- 2%
Wide operating temperature from 0 to 50 C
The protective cap can be used for the water to be measured.
Leather bag included.

A little info on water conductivity:
Measuring the conductivity or conductivity of the water tells you if your postal aquarium or osmosis water is soft or hard. Normally, the value is expressed in microSiemens μS / cm.
The TDS meter transmits a weak current between two electrodes and measures the voltage difference. Water contains minerals that conduct electricity. The fewer minerals in the water, the poorer the conductivity. Thus, water without minerals will not be able to conduct electricity and the measured value will theoretically be = 0! However, this is not possible in practice, to live up to, even for the best osmosis plants! A good osmosis plant will be able to supply water with μm / S of approx. 5 When measuring ultra-pure water, the temperature of the water pretty much means the measurement result. The deviation is 5.2% per year. ° C at 25 ° C

The measurement result can be used as a basis for deciding that it is time to change the membrane of your osmosis plant.
Knowledge of your aquarium water's conductivity can be used to determine if the water is too hard for the species you intend to keep. If you keep fish in soft water, your measurement will help you decide whether to add minerals to avoid a pH controlled.
You can read more about the relationship between conductivity and pH in our Article Archive or [CLICK HERE]
PS: TDS Aquameter is not waterproof.
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