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NITRATE NITRITE Combo Test (50 pcs)

American Precision Labs manufactures some of the best and most accurate strips for laboratory use in the world. This NITRATE NITRITE Combo Test is no exception.
A well-run aquarium should not contain nitrite. Nitrite is toxic to your fish! If you find that there is nitrite in your aquarium, you should change 30> 50% water immediately and then find the cause. Most often, the direct cause is poor filtration and lack of aerobic nitrobacter bacteria in your filter media, but you should also consider any overfeeding or too many fish.
Nitrite is broken down into Nitrate, which is the end product of the nitrification process. Nitrate is relatively non-toxic, ie non-toxic, but since it is not found in the rivers and lakes of the tropical rainforest, even lower concentrations can also affect your fish negatively. Aim for water change when the nitrate content exceeds 20-25mg / liter. Please note that tap water according to The Danish Environmental Protection Agency may contain up to 50 mg of Nitrate per liter!
By opting out of - or prolonged absence of water changes, the nitrate concentration will naturally increase as a consequence of the nitrification process. At nitrate concentrations above 25 mg / l, phosphates will most often also be present. Nitrate and phosphate are nutrients for many types of algae and especially brush algae.
By testing for nitrate, you can reduce your water change from a regular routine with a time interval to "as needed" and thus save on our common resource ... our drinking water.

Benefits of NITRAT NITRIT Combo Test:
Quick and accurate indication of accumulated concentrations.
Simple and easy reading.
Water saving.
Cheap alternative to more expensive electronic solutions.

Contains 50 strips
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