Aqua pH Strips 4.5 > 9.0

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Aqua pH Strips 4.5> 9.0 100 pcs

These Aqua pH Strips are of own import and manufactured for clinical and medical hospital use. The 2 different pads of colors help to ensure optimal reading with high precision.

Aqua pH Strips are generally an excellent, simple and fast tool for creating a relatively accurate picture of the pH value of your aquarium water. At the same time, you can take advantage of the pH of your tap water. thus creating a uniform basis for the preparation of aquarium water with a stable and uniform pH every time you replace new water. You will be able to expect to read the result within a tolerance of +/- 0.25 For most aquarists, this precision will be fully sufficient to determine whether the aquarium water has the correct water values ​​for the fish.
If your aquarium water is significantly more acidic than your tap water without you having used acidifying agents, then something could indicate that your filter needs cleaning or that you should consider a water change.
The vast majority of tropical aquarium fish do not tolerate excessive changes in pH over a short period of time. In particular, rapidly falling pH can be directly life-threatening. It is therefore advisable to always have Aqua pH Strips on hand if you want to prevent and ensure the well-being of your fish.

You get 100 strips in this package and thus have for 2 years consumption if you need to test once a week.
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