Precision pH 5.5 > 8.0 Test strips

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Precision pH 5.5> 8.0 Strips

American Precision Labs are world renowned for their high quality strips for measuring liquids. The Precision pH series is no exception and can save you a lot of annoyance and frustration if you need a directional indication of the acidity of your aquarium water - or if you are preparing osmosis water for your soft water fish!
The Precision pH series can be read relatively accurately according to the color scale and most often within a range of less than +/- 0.25, as the reading interval on the color scale is 0.5 pH with a clear color difference!

A reasonably good pH meter easily costs more than DKK 800 and a professional quality product over DKK 10,000, in addition to a consumption of calibration fluids. In addition, most pH meters' electrodes have a limited lifespan - often only 1 year, regardless of whether you do your best to clean them. Some customers therefore find it frustrating not to be able to feel confident about the reading from digital pH meters. "How about calibrating now and when was the last time I did it?"

The alternative is our Precision pH series! It is not strips with a range that covers the entire pH scale from 1 to 14 liters, as many retail stores offer, but a much more specialized product with a narrowed range, which covers the area you exactly want to be able to measure within. It gives a much higher precision in the result and the reading. Admittedly, the method is more inaccurate on the decimals than our pH Meter 3in1, but can still be read within +/- 0.25! Once you are done with the production of the right aquarium water and the ratio of acids and bases, the Strip solution is cheap on a daily basis. If you check your water once a week, you get a full year's consumption for less than DKK 100!

Contains 50 strips
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