Blackworms Regular Cubes

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Blackworms Regular Cubes 500ml

Australian BlackWorms are produced in spring water and fed on pure raw materials. It ensures a 100% natural feed without additives, heavy metals and pesticide residues.
When Australian Blackworms are pressed into the dice, the advantage is that they can be pressed firmly against the inside of the windscreen in the aquarium and thus placed further down in the water column and several simultaneous places, so that many fish can get to the feed at the same time.
Australian Blackworms are also available in "loose weight". The worms are generally larger and absorb additives faster than the pressure in cubes.
Australian Blackworms have a very high protein content of as much as 66.4% and a fat content of 13.9%! This means that fry and juvenile fish grow quickly, whereas adult fish must be fed moderately, unless they have lost fullness and weight due to refusal to eat or disease.
Freeze-dried feed types, such as Australian Blackworms, are distinguished by being able to absorb significant amounts of liquid before feeding! Read more below .....

Ingredients: Australian "Blackworms"

Analytical content:
Total 66% Protein, Fat 13.9%, Fiber 5%
Analytical content%

Fat Soluble Triglyceride & Vitamin 7.22%
Dry matter 5.91%
Protein 59.3%
Carbohydrates 20.2%
Omega -3 EPA 4.53%
Omega-3 DHA 1.79%
Monounsaturated fatty acid 20.9%
Polyunsaturated fatty acid 28%
Omega 3 8.13%
Omega 6 18.3%
Energy 1630Kj / 100gr

Feeding advice specifically: Although the vast majority of omnivorous fish throw themselves over Australian Blackworms, it must never become a main feed and you must remember at the same time to ensure a vitamin supplement of both vitamins C and D. Adult fish should be fed moderately. This means that Australian Blackworms should not make up much more than 25% of your weekly feeding schedule. Products such as ProMore, GarlicGuard, Aqua Kraut and Fulvic Acids can be used with freeze-dried Australian Blackworms and thus become an ultimate superfood for young fish and a strong alternative when adult fish need to strengthen the immune system during or after illness and for soaking veterinarian prescribed antibiotics.

Feeding advice in general:
A single specific feed, regardless of type, must never be the only thing you feed with. Aim for the greatest possible variety in your daily feeding. Feed 2-3 times a day. Fry and juveniles should be fed 4-5 times. Adjust the amount of feed to prevent feed from being eaten. Remove any feed residue.
Dry food should always be stored dry, airtight, dark and preferably cool. Always remember to screw the lid on!
Not for human consumption.
Shelf life: See packaging
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