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    BlackWorms 500ml
    Australian BlackWorms (BW) are produced in spring water and fed on pure raw materials. Unlike Tubifix, which is primarily produced in Asia in contaminated soil pools with wire mesh over which chicken teams provide feces as feed for the worms.
    Many reputed aquarists have therefore suspected Tubifix of being the cause of unwanted bacteria and heavy metals.

    We have been importing Blackworms in bulk in recent years as they absorb the Fulvic Acids, vitamins and minerals more quickly and thus decline. However, they are also available on request such as diced with anthraxhin or garlic.

    BW has a very high protein content of 66.4% and a fat content of 13.9%! This means that fry and juveniles are growing rapidly, whereas adult fish need to be fed moderately.
    Freeze-dried feed types are distinguished by being able to absorb significant amounts of fluid and therefore provide the fish with additional supplements of Aqua Vitae or antibiotics such as Metronidazole.
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