Peat Granule 5000ml

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Peat Granule 5000ml

This granulate is only made from the best peat moss. It is concentrated long ripped and hard pressed. This means slow controlled degradation and release of humus substances into the aquarium water. Because the sphagnum is spherically pressed, a much better water flow is obtained than using clusters. The advantage is stability on all water values. By filtering the aquarium water through the peat granules, you approximate the water to the fish's original habitats, thus giving the fish far more optimal living conditions.
It is in the genes of the parent fish not to use energy and effort in vain. This is why many tropical soft-water fish first play and show their true splendor when the aquarium water fully supports egg and breeding requirements.
If you use peat granules for your aquarium water, the chances of experiencing mating, egg laying and fry are therefore much higher.

- pH lowering
- rich in human substances
- rich in trace elements
- inhibits bacterial growth
- inhibits fungus
- inhibits algae growth
- matures the aquarium water naturally
- gives a Blackwater effect
- binds heavy metals
- binds carbonates
- strengthens the muscus

Calculate 100gr per 100 liters of aquarium water.
Apply filter bag.
Greatest effect in soft water.
Make certain for a good waterflow.
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