Glass Ceramic BioRings Medium

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Glass Ceramic BioRings Medium 1000ml

Sintered glass is the most high-performance biological filter material available, due to its enormous surface area in terms of volume. This property is obtained by heating glass to temperatures where it is approaching gaseous form and then rapidly cooling it. Just like a corn grain that turns into popcorn, the surface of the glass expands upon overheating, albeit micron small.
This results in a 10 times larger surface area and thus a much better ability to house the group of nitrobacter. These are the bacteria that break down toxins in the aquarium. The decomposition of ammonia and nitrite thus becomes far more efficient than conventional ceramic filter materials measured at the same volume. In other words, your filter can be reduced in size and have a smaller power consumption without the vital function being reduced accordingly.

It pays off in the long run ... using Glass BioRings!

Glass BioRings are used by professional discus breeders because it ensures the most efficient decomposition of ammonia and nitrite in the least possible space.
Glass BioRings can be used to advantage in your external filter in combination with filter mats.
Glass BioRings are tubular 16-18 mm in diameter and can therefore be packed as close as possible, without compromising the free flow of water through the filter.
Glass BioRings is a highly efficient filter medium that provides crystal clear aquarium water and is equally suitable for both fresh and saltwater aquariums.
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