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Nitrate and phosphate content will naturally increase sharply during intensive feeding and with a high fish stock. These conditions are particularly prevalent in biotope aquariums without significant planting. Nitrate and phosphate are not found in the rivers and lakes of tropical rainforests, which is why most of our aquarium fish do not thrive on the presence of these substances either.
By using the RHEIN Nitrate & Phosphate filter, you effectively and easily remove the accumulation of these harmful substances in your aquarium. At the same time, the bacterial pressure is significantly reduced, which increases your fish's immune system and thus their well-being. After inserting the RHEIN Nitrate & Phosphate filter, you will notice a significant difference in the well-being of your fish.
Many types of algae thrive in phosphate-containing water, including brush algae. These problems are eliminated by the use of RHEIN Nitrate & Phosphate filter.
By using the RHEIN Nitrate & Phosphate filter you do not just get "clean water" - you get crystal clear water due to the structure of the filter and the porous structure of the filter medium.

The filter column is filled with a Lanxess Lewatitt Mp800. The structure of the strongly alkaline resin from Lanxess is not gel-like like most other resins, but macroporous. Macroporous resins have a larger surface area and a smaller volume can therefore absorb more nitrate and phosphate than the gel types.
At the same time, the macroporous structure makes it easier to loosen the absorbed organic substances in the rinsing and regeneration process.

Before starting, rinse the filter thoroughly with normal. tap water and placed in bypass after bucket pump or in last chamber in background filter.
The operation of the RHEIN Nitrate & Phosphate filter is simple and all you need is to check the aquarium water's concentration of nitrate and decide whether the filter should be regenerated. It can be done with common household salt. Take a floor bucket with 20 liters of hot water, dissolve 2 kilos of salt and recycle the salt solution through the filter for 1 day. Then rinse the filter in clean tap water and it is ready to run again!

The filter is supplied with 2 Gardena 3/4 # quick couplers connection and vent valve. Filter dimensions: Ø18 x H 44 cm + choice of connection. Most efficient absorption at 300 liters of water flow per hour. Fully efficient up to 720 liters aquarium with high feeding requirements and 20 adult cichlids (discus)

You will be able to reduce your water consumption for water change quite significantly if you have fish such as discus. A quick calculation with a 600 liter aquarium and weekly water changes of eg 150 liters, will presumably be reduced by 75% and thus save you 7500 liters of water annually or approx. 500.- + energy used to temper the water. RHEIN Nitrate & Phosphate filter thus contributes to a better and greener environment and earns a home relatively quickly.

RHEIN Nitrate & Phosphate filter is not suitable for saltwater aquariums!
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