To ensure the well-being and survival of your fish, you need to familiarize yourself with the most common and fundamental prerequisites for creating an environment that supports their well-being. Fish that thrive, in turn, show their full color and behavior and it will benefit you as a spectator. You will be allowed to enter and experience a fascinating world, as it is the fewest in the world. At AquaWildlife we ​​can help you on the right path, by contributing the knowledge and experience of experts and specialists. Therefore, you are always welcome to contact us with your questions, whether you are a beginner or experienced.

First and foremost, your water should be clean and free of ammonia, nitrite, chlorine and to some exstent nitrate too!

Next, it is important that you add to your aquarium water the organic minerals, trace elements, tannins and fulvic acids found in the waters around the equator and the Amazon. Both wild caught and cultured fish depend on the presence of these substances, in order to transpose and digest their food.
You will find a comprehensive article "The waters of the Amazon" which deal with this issue in detail. Find it under "Reading material" at the top of the front page or
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